Online epidemiological survey on COVID-19, confinement and pediatric health.

Principal Investigators

  • Quique Bassat

    SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital and Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona (ISGlobal)


The general objective of the study is to rapidly collect data and opinions of the population on topics related to COVID-19, such as its infectivity in the nuclear family, the perception of risk to the health of children, the negative consequences that the confinement may have caused or the opinion of the activities to be carried out during the de-escalation. The specific aims include:

  • Determine how many of the respondent's households have experienced a case of COVID-19, and whether there have been confirmed (or suspected) COVID-19 cases in children
  • Find out the order of infection in nuclear families in which more than one person has suffered from COVID-19.
  • Determine which epidemiological factors are associated with the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Find out any measures carried out in the nuclear family to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Determine whether families (parents and children) think that the lockdown has had an impact on the physical or mental health of children.
  • Find out the activities that minors have carried out during confinement.
  • Find out the degree of compliance reported by families during the lockdown and the protection and the prevention measures adopted in the de-escalation phase.
  • Find out the opinion of the families on the activities that should be carried out in the de-escalation phase.
  • Find out the opinion of families on the effectiveness of the recommended protection measures in the de-escalation phase.

Project design

This is an online participatory survey made up of different independent modules. Each module consists of a maximum of 20 questions and it takes no more than 10 minutes to answer each one. They are closed multiple choice questions with anonymous answers.

The survey is available nationally and internationally in its Catalan and Spanish versions.

Target population

The survey is addressed to families with children at home (both to the parents and to children aged between 7 and 16) who have been confined during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a survey directed at all families with children who have been confined together. Both people who have had COVID-19 and those who have not had it can respond to the survey. Importantly, the survey allows the participation of children aged 7 and above (in addition to the initial responding adult).


We will obtain information on the health of children during the lockdown imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Group members

  • Juan José Garcia Garcia

    Researcher. SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital

  • Mariona Fernández de Sevilla

    Researcher. SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

  • Rosauro Varo

    Researcher. Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona (ISGlobal)

  • Pere Millat, Barbara Baro

    Researcher. Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona (ISGlobal)

  • Nuria Balanza

    Researcher. Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona (ISGlobal)

  • Sara Ajanovic

    Researcher. Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona (ISGlobal)

  • Sara Arias

    Researcher. Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona (ISGlobal)