About Kids Corona and the HDM (Hospital Data Manager)

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, has had enormous health, social and economic consequences worldwide. The medical and scientific community has made a great effort to rapidly increase our knowledge of both COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2.

Kids Corona is an initiative that centralizes different studies about COVID-19 in children and pregnancy. In addition to quickly generating scientific data, Kids Corona has created an HDM (Hospital Data Manager), a secure research data repository with information and biological samples from children and mothers (and their newborns) who have been in contact with or affected by COVID-19.

Our HDM makes the data collected in our COVID-19 research projects available to the scientific community. Any researcher, whether internal or external, may contribute to the research and add to the database after requesting access to specific data stored in our system and, following security checks, download and use them, or provide new data to be shared with the community.

The datasets shown in our HDM focus on answering a fundamental question:

  • How does COVID-19 affect children, fetuses and pregnant women?

Access to data and samples

All Kids Corona data are shared through the secure research data repository Kids Corona HDM. Interested scientists may obtain access to Kids Corona HDM data for the purposes of scientific investigation, teaching, or planning clinical research studies. Access is contingent on adherence to the Kids Corona HDM Data Use Agreement and its publications' policies, which may be different for each study.

How to access the Kids Corona HDM?

  1. Apply for access to the Kids Corona HDM data by submitting this online application form.
    The application must include the investigators' institutional affiliation and the proposed uses of the Kids Corona data. Kids Corona data must not be used for commercial products or redistributed in any way.
  2. Your application will be reviewed by a dedicated Committee (generally within two weeks of submission). Each application is carefully reviewed to verify the investigator affiliation with a scientific or educational institution and on the basis of the proposed research or data use. Incomplete applications or those without a clear focus will not receive approval. The results of the review will be sent via email. Approved applicants will receive the login information to access and download Kids Corona data from the Kids Corona HDM.
  3. Access the Kids Corona HDM with your login information.