This is a list of publications related to the Kids Corona projects as well as to contributions to other studies outside our own platform, for example, through sample collection.

Project: EmCoVID19-ADHD: Evaluation of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the effect of using an online mindfulness program

Project: Susceptibility to COVID-19 in pediatric age: Study of cases and household contacts.

Project: Emotional and behavioural impact of COVID-19 (EmCoVID19) studies

Project: Characterization of COVID-19 in the pediatric population: study of sero-surveillance and of immunological and biochemical biomarkers of disease severity.

Project: COVID-19 onset and severity in children and adults: role of the nasopharyngeal microbiota and the host ACE2 receptor.

Project: COVID19: clinical presentation during pregnancy and impact on pregnancy outcomes. A population-based study.

Other studies