COVID-19 is commonly mild or asymptomatic in pregnant women, especially in early pregnancy

A multicenter study coordinated by the researchers from the maternal-fetal medicine line within the Kids Corona platform has analyzed 874 cases of pregnant women with COVID-19 in the first and third trimester.

  1. The Kids Corona study reveals a low infection rate in summer camps

    The Kids Corona platform, launched by the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital in April, continues to provide answers to better understand the incidence, impact and transmission capacity of COVID-19 in children and pregnant women.

  2. Kids Corona Project presents the preliminary results

    A study made by SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital · Instritut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu reveals that 17% of children who have had contact with a sick person have become infected. Children have a similar prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies to adults, but more than 99% have mild symptoms.